This week’s guest is Niall Wall, former Chief Executive Officer of Ardagh Packaging Holdings Limited and current private equity investor in various local and international businesses. Under Niall’s leadership, Ardagh Packaging became a global leader in sustainable packing solutions. It saw a growth in employment with numbers going over 16,000 people in 12 countries and having global sales of over $6 billion.

Niall started his career off by investing in small businesses such as small quail farms. His next venture was in a medical waste business which was struggling. He managed to turn this small business around and was able to sell it for a profit in 2006. After that,  Niall entered into Ardagh Packaging Holdings Limited as the CEO.

After he ‘retired’ in 2016, Niall has moved on into the ‘plural’ business which includes a number of executive chairmanships and being a private equity investor. He co-invests with a number of different companies around the world. Consequently, he has had a hand in the success of businesses both at home and abroad.

James sits with Niall Wall to discuss the highs and lows of his career. They discuss the challenges he has experienced and the advice he would pass on to the younger generation.

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