This week we are turning the tables. James of Elevate Career Advice is interviewed about his own career by long-time friend and Managing Partner of Irelandia Aviation, Declan Ryan.

James’ career has seen many twists and turns. From training as a chartered accountant to setting up and selling three local and international recruitment companies. As well recently, advising and providing solutions to C-suite business owners and graduates.

Recently, James’ current venture, as well as his recruitment business Elevate Executive Selection in Dublin and Bermuda, is the very company that brought you The Career Scoop, Elevate Career Advice. James is putting his vast experience and knowledge of different industries to good use by advising people from all stages in their careers whether they are a graduate or a C-suite executive.

James’ other work includes being the director and co- founder of the recruitment company Elevate Executive Selection Limited. Elevate has offices in both Dublin and in Hamilton, Bermuda. It aims to hire the best quality candidates possible for the best quality companies. They are all about finding the right fit for all parties during the recruitment process.

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