This week’s guest is Karl Power, entrepreneur and management consultant. Karl works as a management consultant with companies who require restructuring and other major strategic initiatives. Karl Power is a change-agent. He specialises in working with boards, investors and management who have critical near-term financial and management hurdles to navigate.

His experience as CEO has been in both start-ups and established businesses. He has worked in both domestic and international markets. He has public company and private company capital markets expertise across multiple industries, including two public-company directorships in the U.S. Previously, he worked in management and partner level positions in institutional equity sales in N.Y. and London for major U.S. investment banks.

Karl also founded and was CEO of a successful Bay-Area Health Care Company, which he successfully sold in 2016. James sits with Karl Power to discuss his career as an entrepreneur, the changes and challenges it brought him and the advice he would give those thinking of following a similar path.

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