This week’s guest is Barry Mulligan, entrepreneur, serial investor and former head of sales and distribution for Coca-Cola in Romania. After gaining experience in the sales world and in marketing research, Barry ended up leaving Coca-Cola to set up an Ad agency in Romania. Instead of the traditional creative centricity, this agency  was focused on the market research and data side of advertising. It is still one of Romania’s largest Ad agencies today. Following his time in Romania, Barry returned to Ireland and began new projects.

In 2014, Barry, with fellow serial entrepreneurs Conor Stanley and Tadhg O’Toole, set up the Irish venture capital fund for high- growth, Irish-led software start-ups.

James sits with Barry Mulligan to discuss his career moves and changes. They discuss how he dealt with the challenges he faced, the pro’s and cons of partnership and what advice he would pass down to future entrepreneurs.

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