This week’s guest is Sean Coughlan, current Executive Director of the Human Dignity Foundation. Sean’s focus was not always on working for human dignity. Sean began his career journey in a trainee actuary position which he quickly realised did not suit him. He then decided to switch directions which first brought him into teaching to then eventually finding himself in entrepreneurship. Since then, he has 20+ years management expertise and has a wide-ranging executive, board and advisory group experience across non-profit, for-profit and academic sectors.
The Human Dignity Foundation was established in 2004 to enable children to live with dignity. Protecting and promoting children’s rights is the first step in enabling them to live safe, fulfilling and dignified lives. Sean signed on as Executive Director in 2018 and, since then, has been responsible for the management of the Executive team and the development and delivery of HDF’s strategy to help protect and promote children’s rights.
James sits with Sean to discuss his career moves and what advice he would give to those starting their own career journeys.
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