This week’s guest is Mr. John Hewitson (MBE), World War Two veteran, survivor of the London Blitz and former Managing Director of Albright and Wilson, formerly known as Allegro. John was born in 1925 in the lake district in northern England. He grew up working on his family’s farm, while planning on entering into a role in the bank. These plans were interrupted by the eruption of World War Two which prompted him to join the Royal Airforce on his 18th birthday. He served during the war in the far east and worked as a radio engineer, both on the ground and for the planes as well.

Upon arriving home in 1947, to a very changed world, John sought to use these new skills from the war in his future career. He returned to his previous job at the United Steel Company and attended night school to further his education. He applied for a job with Albright and Wilson and worked his way up through the company. John was posted to both Italy and Ireland by the company.

James sits with John to discuss his career and the challenges and changes it presented to him.

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