This week’s guest is Her Excellency Ambassador Deike Potzel of the Federal Republic of Germany to Ireland. Ambassador Potzel has represented Germany internationally for nearly 25 years. Ambassador Potzel grew up in East Germany, where she had plans to become an interpreter. However, she very quickly found herself on the diplomatic trail.

After witnessing the fall of the Berlin wall and the reunification of Germany, Ambassador Potzel joined the diplomatic service. Since then, the Ambassador has worked all around the world to represent the Federal Republic of Germany. Some of these countries include, Singapore, and Iran, as well as, her current posting in Ireland.

As German Ambassador to Ireland, Ambassador Potzel’s role is centred around connecting with the German community present on the Island and improving and maintaining the links and relations between the two countries.

James sits with Her Excellency Ambassador Deike Potzel to discuss her career. She talks about growing up in East Germany and the impact reunification had on her and her career. They also discuss the challenges it has brought and the advice she would give to those starting their own careers.

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