This week’s guest is David Mulville, current Chairman of Dataflow Learning. Dataflow Learning is a leading education consulting and technology provider. David started off his career by studying law in university.

However, upon graduation, he decided to move to London and work for the London Stock Exchange instead. After 2 years in London, David decided to return to Ireland. Following his return, he started to work for the Irish stock exchange as a regulation manager.

Part of his role in the Irish stock exchange was doing some international consulting work. This was mostly with emerging markets, in places like Malta and Saudi Arabia. Through the connections he made there, he was offered a job in post-civil war Beirut in Lebanon in 1994 by the company SOLIDERE SAL. In 1999, David returned to Ireland and joined Riverdeep Group. After several years, he eventually left and established his own company Dataflow Learning in 2011.

James sits with David to discuss his career, the changes and challenges it brought him and the advice he would give to those thinking of following a similar path to him.

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