This week’s guest is Kingsley Aikins, CEO of the Networking Institute. Kingsley was born and educated in Dublin. Kingsley’s career started with him working in Enterprise Ireland. Soon after, Kingsley expressed that he wanted to go overseas and to get out into the world. In 1985, Kingsley saw the fruit of that request. Kingsley moved to Sydney Australia, to work for Enterprise Ireland as a Regional Director. While in Sydney, he established the Lansdowne Club, which quickly grew to be the premier Irish business network in Sydney.


In 1992, Kingsley left Australia and Enterprise Ireland for the position of President and CEO of the Ireland Funds in Boston, Massachusetts. He eventually found his way back to Ireland and in December 2009 stepped down as CEO. He then set up his own consultancy company, Diaspora Matters Limited, which would become The Networking Institute. Kingsley had founded The Networking Institute in response to what he saw as a need for networking training. Having been a key-note speaker many times over the years, he saw how networking made people uncomfortable. He wanted to be able to deconstruct the association of networking with discomfort.

Due to Kingsley’s experience living and working in 6 different countries in the multiple sectors and areas, The Networking Institute is where Kingsley now passes on his own knowledge.

James sits with Kingsley to discuss his career, the challenges he faced and the advice he would give to those starting their careers.

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