Veronica’s Career Journey

This week’s guest is Veronica van der Hoeven, Managing Director of People Strategy at MUFG Investor Services in Dublin. Veronica began her career when she took the boat over to London, post-leaving certificate, with the intention to travel around world for a year.

Instead, in London she got her first job. She got a job in the women’s magazine Best, in their art department. Veronica hoped to unlock a creative streak similar to her graphic designer father in this role. However, she soon realised she did not possess her father’s artistic skills. Despite this, she continued to work at the magazine for a year, enjoying the atmosphere and admin work that were part of her job.

Following that, Veronica went to work for a different publishing company. This company even sent her to Paris. Eventually, Veronica returned to Ireland and started working as an envelope stuffer at the Bank of Ireland. During her time at the Bank, she actively volunteered for leadership roles. Due to her enthusiasm Veronica was soon referred to a firm of accountants called Bastow Charlteon. This was her first move into the realm of financial services.

HR & MUFG is calling!

Following her time at Bastow Charlteon, Veronica moved to Bisys Fund Services. It was at this company that Veronica’s career really took off. She was in a HR role and discovered her passion for people. She left Ireland again for a few years, moving to and returning from Holland.

Subsequently, in 2011, Veronica joined MUFG as a Human Resources Manager. Of course, she quickly rose up the ranks to hold her current position as Managing Director of People Strategy. James sits with Veronica to discuss her career. They discuss the challenges it brought her and the advice she would give to those thinking of following a similar path.

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