This week’s guest is Dave Gribben, the co-founder of Below the Line and founder of Enable. We also have, this week, Sylvia Jones asking Dave the hard hitting questions. Sylvia is James’ business part and now also his co-host of The Career Scoop.

Below the Line is a company focused on raising consciousness, inner-potential and performance one step at a time. It is a partnership founded by a group of colleagues who share a collective belief that –  brilliant people make brilliant leaders. The company work with individuals and other companies to develop themselves as people in order to be more effective and fulfilled in their professional and personal lives.

Throughout his life, Dave spent 27 years in industry and senior management roles. Since 2009, Dave has been working closely with companies, both large multi-national PLCs to small start-ups. Dave worked in Ireland, Bermuda, across Europe and elsewhere. He helps these companies inspire and up-skill their next generation of leaders. James sits with Dave to discuss his career, the changes and challenges it brought him and the advice he would give those thinking of following a similar path.

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