C-Suite Circle

Elevate has identified senior leaders across varied disciplines to form the core of our C-Suite Circle. Members of this Circle serve as pivotal catalysts for driving success within their respective organisations. As with all effective leaders they are constantly looking for new opportunities for growth, whether personal or corporate, and have turned to Elevate to serve as a compass to direct their search.


These individuals have held senior executive positions for a minimum of fifteen years. Many are insurance and financial industry veterans. All are leaders, often of multicultural multijurisdictional organisations, who have many years of experience which enables them to craft practical strategies to ensure the profitability, sustainability and long-term success of their companies. They continue to shape their respective fields and many have already made a lasting contribution to their industry. This is a broad, deep and active network of top tier executives in Bermuda.


Members of our C-Suite Circle are interested in:
  • Board Level positions
  • Lending their expertise on a consultancy basis to start-ups
  • Steering young or small organisations through challenging periods
  • Exciting opportunities that demand their experience
  • New leadership positions
  • Contributing in a way that gives back to the industry and island that enabled their success
  • Capital-raising initiatives
  • Business development needs
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Set-up advice and involvement
  • Regulatory and compliance guidance
  • Succession planning


Elevate is retained by companies to fill their C-Suite and Leadership teams. We represent members of our C-Suite Circle to clients looking to fill key roles. Through our Advisory Board of industry veterans we mindfully interact with Circle members in a peer-to-peer relationship that fosters respect, transparency, and trust. We identify members’ competencies, their personality traits, what drives them, what makes them uniquely the successful person they are, as well as the experiences that are aligned to the role we have in mind.

We understand how important it is to find someone with not only the right background, experience and skill sets; but to also ensure that values and ‘soft skills’ are in alignment with our client’s unique business environment.

C-Suite talent is scarce. Elevate’s C-Suite Circle provides a unique solution for companies undergoing change through mergers and acquisitions, special growth phases, and to start-ups moving to Bermuda to take advantage of the island’s geography and regulatory framework.

Confidential enquiries may be made with Sylvia Jones–

Tel: +441 296 8663

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