Career Care

Supporting, Mentoring, Empowering

Using Elevate’s network our Career Care programme is designed to prepare young adults for career readiness and connect people with real employment needs.

Elevate provides guidance in the transition between school and career through a programme comprised of three areas focused on success: ‘Knowing Myself’, ‘Knowing My Opportunities’, ‘Skills to make me employable’. Participants will be better placed to focus on careers they find personally meaningful and will engage their abilities. Businesses will benefit from more passionate, engaged and competent staff.

At Elevate we have our finger on the pulse of the job market, we have a dynamic view on current and future skills gap and employment needs, and through our broad network we have strong connections to influencers and mentors.

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Elevate believes in forging long term relationships which is why many of our candidates choose us for their career management. Submit your resume here to start your journey with us.