Elevate specializes in finding the best local and international talent in the following sectors:

  • Actuarial
  •  Underwriting
  •  Risk Analysis
  •  Accounting & Finance
  •  Legal
  •  Compliance
  •  Banking
  • Insurance
  •  Reinsurance
  •  Medical
  • Administrative Support

At Elevate we partner with our clients to identify leaders who will successfully drive their organizations forward. Each of our search engagements is specifically tailored to the objectives and dynamics of our clients’ needs. Elevate’s close ties with the insurance industry in Bermuda as well as Lloyds of London means that we are able to leverage connections in order to connect with the right leaders. Success to us is not simply making a placement, but rather fostering a long-term partnership and creating genuine business impact.


We not only assist you when job seeking we also act as your partner throughout your career. This is why so many of our candidates go on to become our clients.


Elevate provides top caliber consultants to support your team on project work or on a temporary basis. We understand that your business needs may change requiring additional support in a quick and timely manner and we have a team of consultants ready to help you as needed.


Elevate operates a temp book of business based mainly on administrative roles. We have a number of individuals who prefer the flexibility of temporary work. These are team players who possess the adaptability and congeniality to work well in new and changing environments.


Elevate understands that seasoned senior executives are attracted not just to the role on offer but also the lifestyle on offer. Top quality executives are hard to come by and those that are open to new challenges need to know not just that the job on offer is the right one them – delete this word, but that life in Bermuda is the right fit. An investment in Elevate is an investment in the long term success of your company. A candidate sourced by us and settled into Bermuda life by us will assimilate quickly and add maximum value to your organisation.

Showcase Your Talent to Bermuda

Elevate believes in forging long term relationships which is why many of our candidates choose us for their career management. Submit your resume here to start your journey with us.