In order to kick off the podcast in 2021, The Career Scoop Podcast brings you an episode of reflection.

In this week’s episode James and Sylvia sit down with non-executive board member of Catalina General Insurance, James O’Shaughnessy, to discuss what they learned from the very first series of The Career Scoop. They look at our series one guests and reflect on what they learned from them. They also discuss the commonalities and differences they found between our high-achieving guests.

In order to jog your memory, we have listed out our series one guests of The Career Scoop below.

Our series one guests include;

Professor Jane Farrar, S1, Ep1:

  • Professor and Head of the school of Genetics and Microbiology at Trinity College Dublin.
  • Head of Research Team for Fighting Blindness

Niall Wall, S1, Ep2:

  • Former CEO of Ardagh Packaging Holdings Limited.
  • Private Equity Investor

Cathy Bryce, S1, Ep3:

  • Managing Director of Corporate, Institutional & Business Banking at AIB.

Barry Mulligan, S1, Ep4:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Serial Investor
  • Former head of sales and distribution for Coca- Cola in Romania

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